Monday, May 4, 2020

I Would recommend watching WACO on Netflix

I Would recommend watching WACO on Netflix .... you'll get a taste of how the FBI and ATF work. The religious group down there may have been a little on the "wild" side, but there are a ton of issues as to how the FBI & ATF, Janet Reno and the Clinton administrations handled the situation.

The Branch Davidians were founded in 1959 as a religious community and branch of the Davidian Seventh-Day Adventist Church. From its very beginning the Branch Davidians believed that Jesus wasn’t the Christian messiah and that the real messiah was still to come. So when the branch’s leader was imprisoned for murder and David Koresh stepped up claiming to be the real messiah, many were ready to take his word as law. Some members of the religion didn’t believe or follow him, but those that did are the ones who made history darker. While attempting to raid the ranch a gunfight between the bureau and religious members started, leading to the deaths of four government agents and six Branch Davidians. From late February to mid-April of 1993, American federal authorities, Texas state law authorities, and the U.S. military battled the cult. A total of 86 people was killed, only four of which were government officials. Roughly a third of those deaths were the result of a tear-gas attacks orchestrated by the FBI that turned into a fire. That fire was responsible for 76 deaths, including 25 children, two pregnant women, and David Koresh.
Frank Crescentini PI

Friday, April 24, 2020

Investigating the origin of virus that has paralyzed much of the planet.

As late as February it was being reported in China that the Wuhan Institute of Virology 
was where the coronavirus originated. The Wuhan Market claimed to be the source by 
other reports in the media doesn’t even sell bats.

As we reported previously, Chinese Doctor Shi Zhengli was part of a team that working 
on a coronavirus project jointly with US doctors in 2014 before it was shut down 
by the DHS for being too risky. Dr. Shi Zhengli then moved to Wuhan, China, 
where she continued to work on the coronavirus.

In early January in China, the Director-General of the Wuhan Institute of Virology 
sent out a message that ordered her staff not to discuss the çoronavirus or release 
any materials about it.

A month later the Chairman of Duoyi, wrote that the Wuhan Institute was suspected
 of manufacturing and leaking the coronavirus. He stated that the virus could not leap 
from bats to humans but had to go through monkeys or mice.

It was reported starting in mid-January that the coronavirus came from bat soup but 
the Wuhan Market where bats were reportedly sold, doesn’t sell bats and the pictures 
of bats in soup came from Indonesia.

In early February it was reported that Shi Zhengli’s carelessness and lax laboratory
safety procedures led to the virus being leaked out of the Wuhan Institute. A few days 
later China’s top biological and chemical weapons commander took over management 
of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

In mid-February it was rumored that the female graduate Huang Yanling who was patient 
zero with the coronavirus had died. In addition, two students who worked at the Wuhan 
Institute had their profiles and images removed from the records of the institute. When 
confronted, the Institute first claimed the students weren’t students there and then they 
claimed that they left and couldn’t be located.

We’ve also found evidence that Dr. Shi’s work from the Wuhan Institute was also used in 
testing at the Wuhan hospital. More evidence shows that the entire coronavirus program 
and research that took place at the Wuhan Institute of Virology may have been the 
epicenter of the China coronavirus outbreak. It does not appear to come from bat soup 
since this was not even sold at the Wuhan market not far from the Institute.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Another tragedy in the Kennedy family

The search for a granddaughter of Robert F. Kennedy and her 8-year-old son, who went missing after they took a canoe out into rough waters on Chesapeake Bay, turned into a recovery mission late Friday.

Well I was never a fan or a supporter to the Kennedy families. However This is a horribly tragic accident, there were in a small craft warning on the Chesapeake Bay yesterday (winds gusting to 25 Knots) What was she thinking? Definitely a cursed Family. Kennedy's make bad choices! This unfortunately is tragic and involves the life of a young child! Obviously, the adults don't know better. sad for the family but all their tragedies are stemmed from really bad decisions Joe Kennedy was an evil man who sold his soul to the devil, and his posterity has been paying the price ever since. The Kennedys should not fly, drive, ski or take boats. It’s just too dangerous for a Kennedy. They need to quarantine permanently. Despite canoe + rough water + open sea + no life preservers = disaster. My dear friend’s money can't buy common sense.

Frank Crescentini  
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Michael Cohen and scandal

In January we learned, thanks to The Wall Street Journal, that Michael Cohen, a lawyer for Donald Trump, to the pornographic film industry known as Stormy Daniels in the closing days of the 2016 presidential campaign. The payment was to stop Daniels from speaking out about an alleged affair she’d had with Trump shortly after Melania Trump, his third wife, gave birth to their son, Barron.

With any previous president the story would have been explosive, but with this one, it felt relatively minor. The real scandal, it seemed, was that there was no scandal, because no one expects any better of Trump. The religious right was willing to give him a “mulligan,” in the words of Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. Liberals rolled their eyes at right-wing hypocrisy, but ranked the affair fairly low on the list of Trump outrages.
But Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — is a clever capitalist who’s been determined to force the story of her relationship with Trump into the public eye. She has parlayed her new notoriety into a series of strip-club appearances, including two in South Florida on Friday and Saturday. More significantly, her lawyer has filed a lawsuit arguing that the nondisclosure agreement she signed is null and void because Trump himself never signed it. The suit, ingeniously, has given Daniels’s lawyer a pretext to make that agreement public.

As this drama unfolds, it’s becoming clear that, for all its sordid details, it isn’t really a sex scandal. It’s a campaign finance scandal, a transparency scandal and potentially part of an ongoing national security scandal. It’s salacious and absurd, but we should take it seriously. Trump’s team certainly seems to; Cohen recently 
obtained a temporary restraining order to silence Daniels.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

The main reason for a divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie  is selfishness. If the spouse loved their mate then they would not do anything to hurt them and everything to help them. The same goes for the other spouse. What happens a lot is one partner ends up following that while the other takes advantage of it.

Spending problems, addictions, gambling, infidelity, not doing their fair share of household duties, not fulfilling their spouse’s needs, etc. are all examples of selfishness.

People also would rather take the quick route of divorce to end their misery rather than seeking out counseling and working on their marriage. Some even try the harder route and do work on their marriage only to slip into old habits again and be back into the same place where they started. Sometimes it's one partner that won't change but often times it's both that don't. Then it's either live with it or get a divorce. They get to a point where they just don't care about the other person anymore and just want out. In this case she went true horrible time with her health making some drastic decisions if Brad weren't selfish and were more patient and willing to admit his own faults and correct them then the divorce rate would be very low. I think this 2 are divorcing because they don’t know the real point of marrying.

Marriage is not a vow or a celebration, it’s the realization that you want to live the rest of your life with another person. It’s the fusing of two souls into one being where they follow the path of life TOGETHER, working with each other to make it happen. And making love, is the rekindling of the fire of life.

if you don’t truly realize that the person your with is the one you want to become one with and make a family and cleave the path of life with, it will never work, and now that she as many health problems and issues because he alleged abuse the children’s she’s not good anymore.  

Right now Mr. Pitt cleave the path of life alone. When 2 people cleave the path of life together, THAT’S marriage. But very few people know this getting married so they often divorce, and pop culture is definitely not helping people see this. In fact its burying it in sand so no one knows of it. Another Hollywood tragedy!

Frank Crescentini  
Private Investigator
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Member of  Project Safe Childhood

Member of Women Against Abuse

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Human Trafficking And How Big Is the Problem?

     Frank Crescentini convened an working groups of associated to explore the current state of human trafficking research, identify persistent challenges, brainstorm solutions, and discuss priority topics for future research.
The United Nations defines human trafficking as the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons by improper means (such as force, abduction, fraud, or coercion) for an improper purpose including forced labor or sexual exploitation. Human smuggling, a related but different crime, generally involves the consent of the person(s) being smuggled. These people often pay large sums of money to be smuggled across international borders. Once in the country of their final destination, they are generally left to their own devices. Smuggling becomes trafficking when the element of force or coercion is introduced. The U.S. Government defines human trafficking as:
  • Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age.
  • The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitude, peonage, debt bondage, or slavery.
  • Individuals pay large sums of money for young girls and boys for sexual craving.   
This modern slave trade is a threat to all nations. A grave human rights abuse, it promotes breakdown of families and communities, fuels organized crime, deprives countries of human capital, undermines public health, creates opportunities for extortion and subversion among government officials, and imposes large economic costs. Through the funding of rigorous research, F.C.Investigations / Frank Crescentini CEO is committed to assisting with the detection and prosecution of human traffickers. Research projects focus on:
  • The nature and extent of human trafficking
  • Detecting and investigating traffickers
  • Prosecuting traffickers
  • Services for trafficking victims.
Human trafficking is a largely hidden crime that has only recently gained the attention of law enforcement, human rights advocates, and policymakers. Research in the field continues to evolve and has focused almost exclusively on the victims. Reliable data are needed, especially about the characteristics of victims and perpetrators, the mechanism of operations, and assessments of trends. In addition, law enforcement officials must overcome substantial legal, cultural, and organizational barriers to investigating and prosecuting trafficking cases. These barriers, and strategies to overcome them, are still being identified. Due to the underground nature of trafficking, the number of victims is unknown. In 2000, the  asked the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to certify that adults and children (in severe trafficking cases) were victims of human trafficking before these adults and children could receive certain federally funded or federally administered benefits and services.
Since 2001, HHS has issued 1,076 certifications to victims or their representatives in 20 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands. In 2006, certified victims came from more than 40 countries, spanning the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific Islands. The majority of victims originated in Latin America (62 percent), with the largest numbers coming from El Salvador (28 percent) and Mexico (20 percent); 97 percent of these victims were female. Between 2001 and 2005, the United States investigated 555 human trafficking suspects, and by 2005, 78 cases had been terminated with 75 convictions.
According to U.S. Department of State reports, slave traders prey on vulnerable woman and children, who are often forced into prostitution. Traffickers gain their trust through coercion and trickery. "Very often these ruses involve promises of marriage, employment, educational opportunities, or a better life." Research conducted by F.C.Investigations grantees has uncovered several key findings:
  • Source countries for human trafficking often have poor economies; women are often unemployed and victims are easy to recruit. 
  • Most traffickers are the same nationality as their victims and usually have no criminal records.
  • Trafficking victims are most likely to be young and reasonably healthy people from poor, but not necessarily the poorest, backgrounds.
  • Recruitment is particularly effective when traffickers rely on victims whom they have turned into loyal enforcers or recruiters. Recruitment is also effective when the potential victim's family members are involved. 
  • In the United States, law enforcement agencies reported encountering more female (81 percent) than male (18 percent) victims. When asked what type of trafficking was represented in their cases, the majority indicated forced prostitution, followed by domestic servitude, and agricultural labor. Whether this is the result of trafficking trends or training is not yet clear. 
According to a report from researchers at San Diego State University, approximately 38,000 unauthorized Spanish-speaking victims of human trafficking work in San Diego County, California. These workers, who represent 31 percent of unauthorized Spanish-speaking workers in the county, have experienced an incident that meets the official definition of human trafficking. The analysis estimates that of the approximately 174,240 unauthorized Mexicans in San Diego County, about 124,460 are in the labor market. Research conducted by F.C.Investigations grantees has uncovered several key findings:
  • Most cases of trafficking start with a tip to law enforcement, but the tip usually does not come from the victim. Most cases go forward to prosecution, but most are not charged as trafficking cases per se. They are prosecuted under older laws, such as those against promoting prostitution. 
  • Trafficking victims often have contact with local law enforcement authorities, but because local law enforcement agents lack sufficient training, they fail to notice the victims or take appropriate action to bring them to safety. 
  • When authorities have had success arresting traffickers, nongovernmental organizations have provided intelligence to help. In addition, these organizations helped stabilize victims so that they could cooperate with law enforcement.

Frank Crescentini   
Private Investigator
California, State License PI # 18368
Cold Cases Investigations and Forensic Expert 

Thursday, March 24, 2016


    ISIS is a merger between al-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) and ISI (al-Qaeda in Iraq). They are Sunni Muslims and their aim is the establishment of an Islamic state - in complete accordance with the teachings and prescriptions of the Quran and Sharia. YES THEY ARE REAL MUSLIMS and they are following the Quran and Sharia - the head of ISIS has a PhD in Islamic studies from University of Baghdad. Their entire goal is to bait the West into an all-out war in Syria, which is why they do the beheadings and publicize their horrible actions - it's all to get us sucked in. Ultimately, their goal is to form an allegiance with the Taliban and al Quada and get control of the Pakistani nukes to wipe out India. They think this will have a domino effect and bring about the end of days. This is their entire goal and all they want. What you see called "ISIS" is actually a collective term for the various foreign fighters, militias, tribesmen, agents and others in the non- Assad side of the Syrian civil war. They have no religion as it's a political entity and they hire atheist and Christian Uzbek mercenaries too. Obama backed al-Qaeda in Libya with weapons worth 500 million dollars to remove Gaddafi. Gaddafi was a friend of Russia, he proposed an African dinar independent of the dollar, and he was receiving Russian and Chinese investments. Many of those same weapons were channeled into Syria into the hands of "moderate rebels" (the same moderate rebels who want their own Islamic state and who cut off the heads of their opponents just like ISIS) to remove Assad. Salam I heard ISIS is ignited its foundation by the intelligence of USA and Israel for making Muslims weaker by killing each other because they know that there is always a quarrel between Sunnis and Shias by approaching Baghdadi from Iraq. According to me ISIS people are misguided Muslims because in Islam killing innocent people and making destruction are forbidden. ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. From their name you can see they are Muslims. The French call them Daesh, I am sad to say that ISIS is a Joint venture of 2 very powerful secret services. And if you follow history you know that historically, many political groups have rooted national law into a religion. ISIS roots its national policies in Islamic religion very simple. Obama is recruiting, training and arming terrorist groups (or "moderate" rebels as they call them) who work together with ISIS. Together with Saudi Arabia (Sunni), Qatar (world’s largest natural gas reserves) and Turkey (currently dependent on expensive natural gas for economic growth), USA (want to remove Russian influence) they are using ISIS to remove Assad. Assad is a Russian allied, Shia Muslim and he declined the routing of a natural gas pipeline from Qatar into Europe. If this is build it would make Europe independent of Russian gas and hurt Russian economy (Note how USA spoiled a natural gas deal between Hungary and Russia a couple of years ago) I see worst days if we Americans don’t weak up and say STOP too this garbage.

Frank Crescentini  
Private Investigator 
California, State License PI # 18368
Missing Persons, Evidence Investigator    

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The disappearance of a friend

I got this e-mail this morning:
Mr. Frank, I just found out yesterday night that one of my best friends has been missing since Thursday afternoon. He had just moved 2 weeks ago to Los Angeles, California with his girlfriend, they didn’t know anyone at all who live there. On Thursday he told his girlfriend he was gona take a walk to the mall and never came back. He did not take a car and had little to no money with him, they are broke. His best friend from another town has no clue either. His g/f never filed a missing persons report and turned off his cell because someone was using it...which I thought was a dumb move. I live an hour away from LA can I still file a missing persons report? Would I have to drive up there? And I don’t know where the police station is or anything....any advice? I am getting extremely worried, he would have called me for sure, and we have been best friends for 4 years now.
My Reply:
Missing persons is what I do for living, so I have a little bit of experience on this. Based on some of the particulars you stated, i.e. Walking to the mall, never came back, left his car, someone was using his cell phone, didn't cancel prior arrangements etc. etc., this is a serious case that would be taken seriously by the police. The general rule is that the jurisdiction lies with the last place he/she was known to be so it would prudent to call the LAPD. You never mentioned how old your friend and why you making the report? And you stated” I just found out yesterday night that one of my best friends has been missing”
Found out from who?? And where is the family of this person in this picture? did anyone's contact the family? just a comment they are in LA and they are broke best place to start a new life!
My experience also gives me a red flag on the girlfriend not calling this in herself, yet took the time to cancel the phone... which I agree, is a bad move. It could be nothing, it could be something.
I would ask about any drug history. It’s not uncommon for a drug user to disappear, trade personal items for drugs etc. etc. I would also ask about any suicidal tendencies. Check recent computer history for clues.
In any event, a report needs to be made through the LAPD Missing Persons Bureau so he gets put into NCIC in the event he has police contact, it would come up.
Frank Crescentini
Private Investigator
California State License PI 18368
Missing Persons, Cold Cases Specialist

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Most Menace Scams on Facebook

1. Guess who viewed your profile — A false claim that an app, often called “Who Views,” will show you who’s viewed your Facebook profile, but it actually installs a spying and spamming virus on your PC.
2. Explicit photos or videos of friends — Victims who click on supplied links are told they need to update their Adobe Flash viewer but they actually install malware.
3. Ads for fake products and services — Bitdefender identified 50,000 questionable domains supposedly selling pharmaceuticals and dating services. A third of the sites were also bogus replicas of genuine pages, used for phony sales or phishing for personal info.
4. Morbid images — a faked video supposedly of a woman being beaten to death is being used to attract victims to gruesome sites that either charge fees or install malware. Another recent fake video claims to show a woman being killed by her husband.
Sadly, Bitdefender predicts big growth in this category as a means of grabbing attention for all sorts of dubious marketing purposes, notably because of children’s increased tolerance of violent images.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Why do people feel they have the right to riot and loot?

Well it’s the time for me to look into this catastrophic issue and for me to do so I must bring an example like why blacks fell that way? Because White liberals have been telling them for decades that America is a racist nation with all its institutions being racist and that Blacks are all victims of discrimination. When liberals say that America is a racist nation, they mean that most White people are racist so every non-White person should hate Whites. Now the liberal MSM is telling Blacks that police officers commonly single out Blacks for abuse and murder because they just like doing it. Very bad interpretation my friends, The Constitution guarantees the right to peacefully assemble (IE Protest) not to riot and loot. It's just flat out stupidity that these people are destroying their own city. There was a black police officer (Capt. Ron Johnson) who said the same thing in Ferguson, which the rioters were destroying people's businesses, businesses that many people invested their life savings into and now will be left homeless. You're over-generalizing with this question. But SOME black people feel they almost have a duty to riot, when it looks as if the majority society is allowing white police officers to gun them down without justification.

As Bob Dylan wrote once, "When you've got nothing, you've got nothing to lose." I'm not saying its right, but when it looks to some black people as if black lives don't matter, as if their kids, their friends and/or their brothers may be shot and killed for no compelling reason, they seem to think they have "nothing to lose." And the rioting occurs.

The same for black kids who, for one reason or another, whether it's through society's fault or the bad actions of their parents, grow up without believing they have any chance at a decent economic future. When people feel hopeless and helpless this way, riots and looting are likely to follow.

And it's not only black Americans who have done this, historically speaking. Go look up some of the social history of early Irish immigrants to the US, or go look up the social history of the white working class in London before the reform bill of 1867 gave them the vote, and you'll sometimes see the same thing including Italians that in all reality to get respect we must tank you a # 1 public enemy Alfonso Capone AKA Al Capone, but this is another story that we will talk next time. In conclusion I have only one comment if Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (a black female) and a city's mayor obviously a Democrat, was complicit in what happened. In a press conference she said that she ordered cops to allow "those who wished to destroy space to do that." WTF??

I love your comments over this

Thank you,
Frank C.   

Lanfranco Crescentini
Private Investigator
California PI License # PI. 18368

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I Think I’m Being Followed

 Have you ever looked in your rearview mirror and thought you were being followed? If so, your first instinct was probably to get home as quickly as possible. AS you gripped the steering wheel tighter and pressed down on the accelerator pedal, you began to panic. Thoughts of being car jacked, robbed or assaulted and possibly become the next rape victim raced thru your mind. As you turned into your subdivision, your vision was clouded by beads of sweat. Only when you pulled into your driveway, did a sense of relief come over you. To avoid victimization, you need to have a game plan in place before finding yourself in a threatening situation and that gut feeling should not be taken lightly. Good advice, especially when you think you’re being followed.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The new devil technique

Another case of a wealthy young man raised in a California 2.5 million home in San Juan Capistrano and then he snaps and shot his parents while they slept? Bear a resemblance to the Menendez case? And there is more into the case, but let me go in a chronologic order:
  • Ashton Sachs is charged with murdering his parents, Brad and Andra, then shooting his younger brother Landon, 8, leaving the young boy paralyzed
  • He spent the weeks after the incident crying and outraged over the incident, saying he could not believe someone would kill his parents
  • The teenager from San Diego, California also sat by his brother's bedside every day, and the night of the incident tried to shoot dead his sister as well
  • 'He would cry and say, "Landon is 8 years old and he doesn’t have a dad,"' said Sarah Verbeek, a former girlfriend
  • When asked by police what his motive was, he said, 'I don't have a reason why. Just a lot of problems'
This is a very sad case but I think we have some uncontrollable forces for sure evil forces that snap into those young minds. This is scary can also happened to you now!   

Lanfranco Crescentini
Private Investigator
California PI License # PI. 18368

Thursday, March 19, 2015

What we really know about of La LIorana?

I was asked to look into a case from a dear friend for his friend, a missing child, but what puzzled me is the family think that La LIorana took their son and I have a dilemma with this, my job is based on evidences and not on Urban Legends or fiction? And what we really know about of La LIorana? Now let me give you a basic story about this special character, Maria (La Llorona) is a beautiful woman married or the mistress of a rich and handsome man. She has three (sometimes two) children from her husband or a previous relationship. Then, Maria's beloved starts to work out of town. Then she is either deceived or left by her lover or she feels her children have become an obstacle to their union so she takes them to the river and drowns them. When she realizes what she has done, she starts to cry for her children and kills herself. The next morning, a traveler brought word to the villagers that a beautiful woman lay dead on the bank of the river. That is where they found Maria, and they laid her to rest where she had fallen. But the first night Maria was in the grave, the villagers heard the sound of crying down by the river. It was not the wind, it was La Llorona crying. "Where are my children?" And they saw a woman walking up and down the bank of the river, dressed in a long white robe, the way they had dressed Maria for burial. On many a dark night they saw her walk the river bank and cry for her children. And so they no longer spoke of her as Maria. They called her La Llorona, the weeping woman. And by that name she is known to this day. Children are warned not to go out in the dark, for, La Llorona might snatch them and never return them. 
It is also said that when Maria reached the gates of heaven, the Lord asks her "Where are your children?" Maria answers "I don't know, my Lord." The Lord then says "You shall not enter these gates without your children." From that point on, Maria is doomed to roam the Earth in search of her children in the rivers and streams of the Americas. Now we have La LIorona in different parts of the world like: Guatemala, United States, Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Chile, Venezuela, Well I did my homework and my conclusion are that if it hasn't been disprove beyond reasonable doubt then there is always the potential for existence well I’m not sure 
I don’t believe till I see but I know a couple of people who have seen her. So real or a legend??? I love your comments It will help me to make a decision if I will take that case or not!! 

Lanfranco Crescentini
Private Investigator
California PI License # PI. 18368

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Human traffic / Child Prostitution

As shocking story of the 16 years old “baby” forced by her mother to prostitute herself in Italy it is not unique and I read the diary of this Italian girl describing her first “appointment” with a 67 year old man and one sentence on the diary that got to me very deep when she describe “the man on top of her and her looking over the car window and thinking it will end soon” I was involved in a conference call with other investigators in 3 different continents in reference to “Child Sex Slavering” and also with advocates for girls and young women who are forced into prostitution by people who approach them in various ways, including on the Internet, claim that thousands of American youths are victims of human traffickers, child prostitution and slavering
Like the Italian girl many are treated by law enforcement authorities as runaways, said Marc Klaas, who founded the advocacy group Klaas Kids after his own 12-year-old daughter was abducted, raped and killed. When they are forced into prostitution, the young people are the ones who are prosecuted.
It turns upside down, when I read those tragic story, but what happens is when they’re trafficked, they’re turned into hookers; they’re turned into prostitutes. So we find this situation where we find these young victims, these young girls that all of a sudden are being treated and looked upon as criminals.”
At least in that regard, the Italian girl was fortunate when she was taken by the authority’s and place her in a protected custody and the mother sentenced to 18 years in prison. She’s gone public to warn other girls in Italy about how easy it is to be kidnapped and trafficked. In another sad note the authorities in Italy rescued the cell phone that the mother was using to book the appointment for the little girl, apparently they (the Police) traced all the number of the “client’s” but the shocking news they will NOT be prosecuted!!

Lanfranco Crescentini 
Private Investigator 
California PI License # PI. 18368 
A Professional California Private Investigation and Consulting Firm 
Missing Persons Expert 
Member of Women Against Abuse 
Member of National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Crime Prevention - How to Secure Your Home during the Holiday

Unfortunately, at this time of the year, crime doesn’t take a holiday. During the next several weeks, many homes will be burglarized by unscrupulous thieves who think nothing of stealing plasma tv’s, laptop computers, MP-3’s, digital cameras, and even wrapped packages sitting under the Christmas tree. It’s hoped that the following advice will reduce your vulnerabilities to becoming crime victims and will make you look like Scrooge in the eyes of burglars everywhere.
Most homeowners have mistaken believes that nothing can be done to prevent burglaries. This might be true of a professional thieves, but few home burglaries are committed by professionals. It’s been my experience that many residential burglaries are committed by neighborhood teens and young adults who are familiar with your habits and routines. And, contrary to popular belief, most home burglaries are committed during daylight or early evening hours. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Like I was explaining looking over Ylenia dossier I did some observation’s we know that the FBI only gets involved in kidnapping cases! And not direct to missing persons unless, on a rare occasion so Ylenia NCIC # M705944984 what in reality was? A kidnapping case or one of the rare occasions? We will never know the real answer because the FBI and the Carrisi / Power family’s denied any involvement of the federal agency into the case. Incredible why such deceptions around this girl? My friends I do this “missing persons” for a living among all my charity’s hours to family’s that can’t financially get advices from a professional I do that for FREE. But let me give you a bit of information’s in the year 2013, there were 115 small children kidnapped by a person unknown to the child. Usually held for ransom. Waiting for a reward to be announced for finding the child, sexually abused and some killed. Now I have more interesting statistics: 797,500 (under 18 years of age) were reported missing last year (2013) in USA. 203,900 of them were victims of family abductions. 58,200 victims of non-family abductions and the aforementioned 115 children kidnapped. Now believed or not, the involvement of psychics have been quite successful in many police investigative works and missing persons cases. In my works I do use psychics but I do not just choose a random one but I use professors for the university of San Diego parapsychology units only and exclusively to analyze signs. On Ylenia case we had the family walking the streets of New Orleans with a psychic but the same family never open a case in Italy? While I still don’t agree this should be done, considering the fact that the police work is based on fact and evidence, turning the entire search to a psychic seems unethical, regardless of whether it’s a last resort. The reason most of this families turn to psychics is because they’re desperate, it’s pathetic, and it’s only gotten worse in the past few years. Families have lost loved ones, unfortunately most of the time, they aren’t found alive. These families become desperate and become gullible, which is understandable. Unfortunately money-mongering frauds who call themselves psychic’s investigators take advantage of them, it is serious emotional abuse. Now my question, is there anything that someone like myself could do to put these people out of business, for the sake of these families, and the prevention of some police departments contacting them? Thankfully, more recently new programs like Anderson Cooper and 20/20 have aired specials questioning the authentication of those call psychics investigators. I feel sorry for real professionals like my dear friends Professor Hageman or Gabriela de Portillo or Snyder, Kelly But unfortunately the overall it’s a frauds. It’s sickening, it really is.

Frank Crescentini C.E.O

Friday, November 14, 2014

New Twist to the Telephone Tech Support Scam

The IC3 has produced Scam Alerts in the past advising the public of an ongoing telephone scam in which callers purport to be an employee of a major software company. The callers have strong foreign accents. The callers report the user’s computer is sending error messages and numerous viruses have been detected. The caller convinces the user to give them permission to run a program allowing the caller to gain remote access. The caller advises the virus can be removed for a fee.
Intimidation tactics used in this scam have influenced victims to pay fees associated with the removal of alleged viruses. It has been reported to the IC3 an individual who paid the required fees, later received a call advising the victim the funds paid for the services went to India and were used to purchase weapons for ISIS. The call came with an additional request for money to remove the victim’s name from a black list.
In a new twist to the tech support scam, cyber criminals attempt to defraud using another avenue. The scam is executed while a user is browsing the Internet. In this scenario, a website being viewed provided a link to articles related to popular topics. The user clicked the link and was redirected to a website which produced a window that advised the user’s computer had been hacked. Another window was displayed that contained a telephone number to obtain assistance. The user reported all attempts to close the windows were ineffective. Upon calling the number for assistance the user was connected with an individual who spoke with a heavy foreign accent claiming to be an Apple representative. During the process the user’s web browser was hijacked. Restarting the computer in an attempt to regain access to the Web produced another message with a different telephone number to obtain assistance.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Accuracy of a criminal investigation in a case

By: Frank Crescentini 

Frank, how important the accuracy of a criminal investigation in a case? And why so many mistakes in police investigative work? And why many innocent persons get convicted wrongfully? Because the poor police work? Thank you why so long time of absences hope all is ok with you Sir.
Thank you
Daniel Kim, Los Angeles, California.

Dear Daniel,
Yes, to long and I miss this too, but very important obligations shorted my time to answer the 100’s e-mail’s that I received weekly and I have been neglecting I am sorry!
Very good questions but I will only answer the important part of an accurate criminal investigation into a case but I will NOT comment over the alleged accusations of poor police works, sorry if you are one of my followers you should know this. However the following discussion of some of the phases of criminal investigation and the presentation of evidence in criminal prosecutions are offered, not in critical spirit or faultfinding with any particular pace officer or group, but with the purpose of suggesting to peace officers generally a means to become more proficient and successful to the end that through the mistakes of others they may avoid similar mistakes. I have in mind the fact that there has been very little concentration upon the important subject of criminal investigation and practically nothing has been written with the idea of assisting the ambitious officer whose experience has been limited. The older officer in service should find herein many hints and ideas for improving his work. Dear Daniel the greatest difficulty has been found in selecting from the vast amount of available information those matters to be included and those to be omitted.            

Frank Crescentini 

California State License PI18368

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Identity Theft and Identity Theft Investigations. What You Need to Know

Identity theft (also commonly known as ID theft) is a major concern. Criminals of all kinds buy or steal personal information for credit, jobs, or business ventures. If you are the victim of identity theft, you stand to lose a lot more than just your personal information. You can end up with lower credit scores, losing your property, and you may even end up being accused of crimes committed in your name. All of these are very good reasons to practice safety when using personal information.

Many people mistakenly assume that criminals need to get their credit cards or other identification to steal identities. This is not the case; in many instances, just your name, date of birth, and social security number are enough to steal your credit. Some criminals only need to know your address to steal your mail and get your information that way. Other criminals pose as someone else in order to get your information directly from you. You don't want to become paranoid, but do become more cautious about your information. Only offer your information to those who need to know.
Identity Theft in America

Every two seconds an American identity is stolen. The number of people affected by identity theft grew by 500,000 people from 12.6 Million in 2012 to 13.1 Million in 2013 with escalating losses as well. The state with the highest per capita rate of reported identity theft complaints was Florida followed by Georgia and California.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Daniele Watts detained by Los Angeles police

Daniele Watts, an African-American actress (I personally have no clue who she was) has claimed she was "handcuffed and detained" by Los Angeles police officers because of her race. Another blow to the LAPD for a mistake of identity, I don’t give to the media a credibility in reference to the actual facts, there are many factors involved into this issue 1) how the original call got to the 911 dispatcher, 2) what information’s was given to the dispatcher, 3) and the logistics of the investigative work of the responding officers.
It is my understanding after I placed a call in LA this morning that this female individual refused to show to an LAPD sergeant her ID, apparently the area where this incident took place is a location well known for prostitution / narcotics activities and I am sorry not all LAPD officers are familiar with Mrs. Watts acting occupation , in addition been detained doesn’t mean you are arrested, but to give to the officer’s the opportunity to evaluate the issue in this case Mrs. Watts was screaming, crying, yelling and uncooperative with the officer’s showing her identity. So we have officers that they don’t know who she is and her relinquished her anger and frustration remembering her father came home frustrated or humiliated by the cops when he had done nothing wrong (she said) It doesn’t matter who you are if a police officer request to identified your self why arguing? Why use the race card and the same cliche “ I was "handcuffed and detained" by Los Angeles police officers because my race” if we’re looking over her statement she exactly said I refused to produce my photo ID when asked by police, and I was then handcuffed and held in a police car as the officers tried to figure out who she was. So???? What’s wrong with this? In addition for all your information asking someone for an ID is a temporary detention, so the Fourth Amendment covers it. This means it is the same in every state. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Some of my work

Frank Crescentini The Missing Person Skilled The Backgrounds Investigator Expert California State License, PI 18368
Conducting a thorough background check on a prospective employee not only ensures that they are qualified for the job, but also helps insulate you from potential liability for the employee’s conduct and actions while working for you or your company. For example, if you were to hire an employee with a history of sexual harassment and that employee sexually harasses another member of your staff, you could be held liable for his actions based on the theory that you knew, should have known, or could easily have discovered the employee’s history had you exercised due diligence and conducted a reasonable background check prior to hiring him or her. Should you hire someone with a history of violence who assaults a staff member or customer, the potential liability you face could be considerable. As an employer, you have an obligation to your employees, customers, and others to provide a safe working environment, and one way to achieve this is to perform a reasonable investigation on your potential employees before hiring them. Types of Pre-Employment Screening: The type of pre-employment screening investigation may vary, depending on the type of job the subject is being offered, but will usually include, at a minimum, a search of the potential employee’s criminal record, civil litigation history and driving record. If the situation warrants it, other searches may include:
  • Name and Social Security Number Verification
  • Age and year of birth scan
  • Driver’s License Verification
  • Countywide search for criminal convictions (7 years)
  • Countywide search for Superior Court civil cases
  • Employment Verification
  • Education Verification
  • Includes search for relatives, associates, and marital status
  • Includes fraud scan for aliases and false SSNs
  • Address history with dates of residency
  • Statewide felony conviction search
  • Local search for Municipal civil cases
  • Statewide Superior Court civil cases
  • Education, business and professional history
  • Military verification and service history
  • Source of income and business affiliations
  • Information available through our confidential sources
  • Family background and marital history
  • Credit History
  • Search for Federal criminal cases Nationwide bankruptcies and tax liens

No job to small, Email us for a free consultation on your case and an estimate to work on your case.
Thank you

Monday, August 25, 2014

Web Radio 11.11 (432 hz)‎MARTEDI, 26 Agosto -> GRANDE SPECIAL su YLENIA CARRISI, rivelazioni tra il medianico e l'investigazione, con Frank Crescentini e Gabriela De Portillo

LUNEDI---> Non Solo News di Rita Grandinetti il primo grande Format del Risveglio
MARTEDI, Antonio Fontana, conduce ----->
GRANDE SPECIAL su YLENIA CARRISI dalle ore 21,30 avremo con noi l'Investigatore Frank Crescentini da Las Vegas e Gabriela de Portillo, parleremo del caso, rivelazioni tra il medianico e l'investigazione, per la prima volta in Italia !!!!

Gabriela de Portillo, insieme a Frank Crescentini, ci daranno una versione del tutto inedita del caso di scomparsa di Ylenia Carrisi, un caso che ha destato molto scalpore ma che ancora riserva molte sorprese, Web Radio 11.11 mette a disposizione la serata per alcune domande e alcune risposte che da troppo tempo sono sospese nell'aria....., con rispetto e Amore nei confronti di tutti.

il link per ascoltarla

Facebook pagina Web Radio 11.11 (432 Hz)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Serial killers

Frank, I’ve been doing in depth research on serial killers and their behavior ect. I am wondering what serial killers are still alive and who to most recent serial killers are.
Thank you,
Elisabeth, Long Beach, California.

Dear Beth, Love Long Beach I lived there for 10 years, good question and interesting subject.
You can goggle these for your history but here are some names of the sickos:

Gary Ridgway 
David Berkowitz 
Dennis Rader 
Karla Homolka 
Paul Bernardo 
Clifford Olson 
David Russell Williams 
Robert Pickton 
Rose West (serial pedophile. serial child and woman killer.)
Charles Manson (some don't consider him a serial killer) 
Scott Lee Kimball 
The Yorkshire Ripper - Peter Sutcliffe (prostitute killer)
Ian Brady (serial child killer)
Steve Wright (prostitute killer) - (Ipswich strangler)
Peter Tobin (pedophile and child killer)
Dennis Neilson (necrophilia and homosexual killer)

hard with serial killers to restrict a time period as sometimes it comes in bouts and can span over several years, even decades. as in the case of Peter Tobin who they now suspect was Bible John. Well, an interesting serial killer I think you should feature is the Zodiac back on 60s, 70s. He was never caught, so no one knows if he's dead or not... he could be still out there today. He literally taunted the police by giving them hints to his identity in cryptic puzzle that were nearly impossible to solve.
Good by Beth and do please kiss Belmont Shore for me and specifically Polly coffee house my favorite hangout . 

Frank Crescentini
California, License PI 18368

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Psychic investigators- whether they credible?

Frank, I'm writing a research paper to how psychic investigators are credible in what they say. My thesis is: Psychic Investigators are credible sources in solving crimes and offer knowledge to police when no other answers are sought. 
I'm having a tough time coming up with just a few
 more reasons as to why it is true. Please, if you know anything your input is greatly appreciated!

Lesley W. Ross

Dear Lesley,

I believe Psychic investigators can help allot, but it will be hard to hire a psychic for that matter, It is too much responsibility for a psychic, on the other hand, there are many psychics that will be ready to do it in order to help, I believe the investigation must be kind of secret, as it will look not serious for the police to depend on psychic, A lot of people will criticize the police claiming, they have no solution so they go to psychic. 

Psychics were not scientifically approved to be legit, this is why it is so hard to, lets say hire them to work as psychic investigator, it will cause a lot of troubles to the police in my opinion. I mean, a lot of people believe in psychics but many don't believe and even if they believe they will hide it.